Classical music redirects here; for the style of music considered to be "classical" in the 23rd century, please see rock and roll.

European classical music is a term referring to ecclesiastical and concert music originating in Europe from the 2nd millennium AD whose traditions later spread throughout Earth.

Earth opera is part of classical music. (VOY: "The Swarm", "Virtuoso", "Renaissance Man")

At regular intervals, concerts of classical music were held aboard the USS Enterprise-D, usually in Ten Forward. (TNG: "Sarek", "In Theory", "Lessons")

Doctor Leonard McCoy referred to "Sabotage" by the 20th century American rap group Beastie Boys as classical music. (Star Trek Beyond)

Parts of the American National Anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner) were heard in TOS: "The Omega Glory" when the American flag was brought in.
Parts of the French National Anthem (La Marseillaise) were heard when the crew was seeing Q's Napoleonic creatures for the first time in TNG: "Hide and Q".

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There are still several pieces of classical music heard in Star Trek that have not yet been identified. Here is a listing of those pieces and any information that could be gathered:

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