Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

In the script for "Pen Pals", Euripides was an ancient Greek playwright.

In 2365, Lieutenant Commander Data answered a call for help from Sarjenka of Benev Selec (Drema IV) and maintained communication with her for eight weeks. Her planet was undergoing extreme seismic disturbances that the USS Enterprise-D could potentially correct. A highly emotive discussion took place among the senior staff on whether or not to interfere by resolving the problems on the planet, with mixed views on the application of the Prime Directive. During the discussion, after Dr. Katherine Pulaski quoted Thomas Mann to support her position, Data replied that Commander William T. Riker could cite Euripides to support his position. However, in the opinion of Data, this was all just philosophy, and Sarjenko was not a subject for philosophical debate. She was an individual.

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