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Etana Jol was a female Ktarian who met and seduced William T. Riker on Risa in 2368. She tricked him into bringing an addictive, mind-controlling game aboard the USS Enterprise-D, as part of a massive plot to take control of Starfleet. She nearly succeeded in taking over the starship but, fortunately, her plan failed when Wesley Crusher learned the truth about what she was up to and was able to reactivate Data – who had been disabled before the game was widely dispersed throughout the ship as the only person who would have been immune to its effects – allowing Data to restore the crew to their normal selves and allowing them to capture her ship. (TNG: "The Game")

Etana Jol was played by actress Katherine Moffat. Her last name comes from the script.
During the shots involving her viewscreen, Jol was played by photo double Diane York.
Etana Jol closely resembles the characteristics of a Miradorn, suggesting that she may have simply been hired by Ktarians and not necessarily one herself. It is also possible that she could have been a Ktarian-Miradorn hybrid.

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