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Estes Industries is an American company which specializes in the design and manufacture of operational model rockets for the general public.

Founded by Vernon Estes in Penrose, Colorado in 1958, the company managed to survive the severe decline of interest in the hobby during the 1990s by acquiring its competitors and subsequently being taken over by affluent holding companies. The company is still in existence today and was sold to Hobbico, Inc. in 2010.

Star Trek association

Estes Industries 1975 USS Enterprise hld by Vernon Estes

Vernon Estes holding a USS Enterprise model rocket, ca. 1975.

In 1975, Estes became the second company (after AMT) to be licensed to market Star Trek model kits in the US, although their products were strictly model rockets.

Estes released models of the USS Enterprise and the Klingon Template:ShipClass Battle cruiser which were originally packaged in a polypropylene bag with a cardboard liner. In 1991, both models were re-packaged in cardboard boxes for Star Trek's 25th Anniversary. Subsequent releases were also sold in cardboard boxes.

Item Item No. Issue Scale Notes
Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser 1274 1975 1:700 Estes 1274 Klingon Battle Cruiser 1975
1991 25th Anniversary re-packaging Estes 1274 Klingon Battle Cruiser 1991
USS Enterprise 1275 1975 1:700 Estes 1275 USS Enterprise 1975
1991 25th Anniversary re-packaging Estes 1275 USS Enterprise 1991
Estes Industries 1975/1992 Publications
Estes Industries 1975 Catalog Cover Estes Industries 1975 Interior Art Estes Industries USS Enterprise model rocket launch |Estes Industries 1992 Interior Art
1975 Catalog cover ASIN B002CEQDOO
1975 Interior spread catalog
1975 Publication
1992 Interior spread catalog

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