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Erinn Allison is the actress who appeared as the holographic Talaxian masseuse in the Star Trek: Voyager third season episode "Warlord". She received no credit for her appearance and was identified by the name tag of her costume which was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1] Listed as "Erin Allison" on the call sheet, she filmed her scene on Tuesday 10 September 1996 on Paramount Stage 16.

Allison was featured in the short western Cristobal (2001), the comedy Fast Food Nation (2006), the mystery thriller The Return (2006, with Adam Scott, Tim Rigby, James Ryan, and Jennifer Caputo), and the thriller Mexican Sunrise (2007).

Television work includes episodes of Chicago Hope, US Air Force, Chase (2010, with Dennis Keiffer), and My Generation (2010). She also appeared in the drama Puncture (2011, with Brett Cullen) and the fantasy drama The Tree of Life (2011).

More recently, Allison appeared in the television pilot Hysteria (2014), the television drama Deliverance Creek (2014), and the family drama Thunder Broke the Heavens (2015).

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