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Eric Menyuk (born 1959) is the actor who portrayed the recurring part of the Traveler in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "Where No One Has Gone Before", "Remember Me", and "Journey's End". Menyuk originally auditioned for the role of Data, only to be beaten out by Brent Spiner. His costume from the episode "Remember Me" was later sold off on the web. [1]

Before, as well as after his appearance in The Next Generation, he mostly guest starred predominantly in in television productions like, Cheers, Married with Children and Matlock.

His appearances in law-oriented television series such as Hill Street Blues, Night Court, Matlock, and Diagnosis Murder were perhaps predictive, as Menyuk is now an attorney.

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  • Where Roams the Traveler", Desire Gonzales, Starlog', issue 137, December 1988, pp. 53-55

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