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For additional meanings of "Eric", please see Eric.

Eric was a Human male teenager who lived on the USS Enterprise-D in 2366. He was friends with Wesley Crusher and Annette, and was part of a group of youths observed by Beverly Crusher in Ten Forward following her return to the Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Evolution")

Eric was played by actor Scott Grimes who received no credit for this appearance.
Eric's speaking scene was cut from the episode. He and another Enterprise-D teenager, Annette, came to ask Wesley to join them on a holodeck ski trip, but Wesley was too busy with work. Eric had a girlfriend, and wanted Wes to come along as a double-date. Later, he helped Annette to sickbay after she injured her leg during a holodeck malfunction caused by the sentient nanites.
Video of these cut scenes can be viewed here: [1]

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