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The Erabus Prime insect infection was an infection caused by a tiny insect on the Gamma Quadrant planet Erabus Prime.

The infection could be sub-divided into three stages. At the first stage, the patient lost most of his scalp hair, except for a few strands. During the second stage, oozing boils appeared all over the body. Finally, during the third stage, the patient began to shiver, was no longer able to walk, and skin and hair turned gray.

During her two years with Q, Vash visited this planet and was bitten by this infection's carrier. He intervened, preventing her from becoming infected. In 2369, when she told Q she did not need him, Q made a point that the galaxy was not safe and that she needed him by having her experience the stages of this infection. After returning her to normal, Q left her to reconsider his offer of friendship. (DS9: "Q-Less")

Three stages of Erabus Prime bug infection
Erabus Prime bug infection stage 1
Erabus Prime bug infection stage 2
Erabus Prime bug infection stage 3
Stage 1: Loss of hair Stage 2: Oozing Boils Stage 3: Shivering and gray skin and hair
The script for the episode referred to the creature as a bug rather then an insect.

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