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Enolian prison ship

An Enolian transport (2152)

The Enolian transport was a type of ship used by the Enolians to move groups of people to prison colonies from Keto-Enol, as crime was rampant in their system.

It was crewed by an average of three Enolian Guard officers, a pilot, and two security personnel.

In 2152, an Enolian prison transport was carrying Kuroda Lor-ehn, Zoumas, Starfleet's Captain Archer, and Commander Tucker, as well as a dozen other prisoners, to Canamar. Partway through the trip, Kuroda and a Nausicaan overtook the Enolian Guard officers and commandeered the ship. The Nausicaan knocked out the pilot, so they had to use Jonathan Archer to fly the ship to their new heading - the Tamaal system.

On the way to Tamaal, two Enolian patrol ships caught up with it. They damaged the transport, but Archer devised a way of releasing and detonating warp plasma to disable the patrol ships. They were then able to rendezvous with an Enolian shuttle, but a Starfleet crew was aboard. The prisoners evacuated in time, except for Kuroda, who insisted on staying and trying to take the ship out of its decaying orbit. However he was unsuccessful, and he died when the ship burned up in the planet's atmosphere. (ENT: "Canamar")

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