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Energy transference

The energy transference in progress

"They have some sort of technology that prolongs life."
– Balthazar Edison in his Captain's log, 2164 (Star Trek Beyond)

Energy transference was the process by which it was speculated Krall's life-extending technology functioned.

History Edit

Energy transference victim

An Enterprise crewman victim of Krall's energy transference ability

Having crashed on the surface of the planet Altamid in the 2160s, the USS Franklin's captain Balthazar Edison and his surviving crew mates utilized technology left on the planet by its original inhabitants to extend their lives beyond normal human lifespans. Waylaying orbiting ships and capturing members of their crew, Edison, Le , and Wolf used this energy transference technology to drain the life from their victims, sustaining their own life functions and adopting the biological traits of whatever species they used this process against. They renamed themselves Krall, Manas. Both Krall and Manas routinely wore mechanical suits with this technology built into them.

A century later, Krall, Manas and Kalara were no longer recognizably human, no longer even speaking in their native English. Luring the Federation starship USS Enterprise to Altamid in 2263, Krall used this energy transference on several human members of its crew, slowly restoring his Terran physiology. By the time of Krall's death, he had regained almost all of his human appearance after draining the life of five Enterprise crewmembers. However, he still retained a few non-human features. (Star Trek Beyond)

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Apocrypha Edit

According to Star Trek: Boldly Go, Issue 5, this process drained a subject's life-force in order to prolong Krall's and Manas's life.

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