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Endar was a Talarian captain and commanding officer of the Talarian warship Q'Maire.

During the mid-24th century, Endar participated in attacks on the Federation worlds of Castal I and Galen IV.

In 2357, Endar lost his son fighting with Humans on Castal I, and on Galen IV claimed the surviving son of the dead Connor and Moira Rossa in return. This was in accordance with Talarian tradition, but in contradiction with their agreements with the Federation. The boy was given the name Jono and raised as a Talarian.

In 2367, Jono was discovered wounded in a Talarian observation craft by the USS Enterprise-D. Endar reached the Enterprise-D and demanded the return of Jono. Captain Picard accused the Talarian of abusing the boy, but Endar denied the charge, telling Picard that the boy had been injured performing Talarian rites of passage. Picard allowed Endar to see Jono, but refused to surrender him. Endar threatened war and announced that additional Talarian ships were en route. Picard decided that Jono would be better with Endar than trying to adapt to Human ways after ten years being raised as a Talarian. (TNG: "Suddenly Human")

Endar was played by actor Sherman Howard.
The costume worn by Sherman Howard as Endar was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction. [1]
The Star Trek: Destiny novel Mere Mortals established Endar as being the Talarian ambassador to the Federation in the 2380s. The Endar of the mirror universe appears in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel The Soul Key.

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