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(written from a Production point of view)

The extraordinary novel based on the television episode.

Summary Edit

From the book jacket
Captain's log, stardate 41254.7. The USS Enterprise-D is en route to Cygnus IV – the edge of the the known galaxy. There, we will rendezvous with the ship's new first officer and the other command personnel and proceed with our mission: discover the truth about Farpoint Station, a starbase facility built by the inhabitants of Cygnus IV, a starbase of unparalleled size and complexity... and infinite mystery.
And the success or failure of this, our first mission together, may well determine the course of Human exploration across the galaxy for centuries to come...

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.

Background information Edit

  • Advance publicity listings for this publication jokingly gave the as-yet-unannounced author the pseudonym "Godonly Nose".

Characters Edit

Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in Pocket TNG characters.

Regular and recurring characters Edit

USS Enterprise-D Crew, Farpoint Mission

Enterprise-D bridge crew and senior staff

Jean-Luc Picard 
Starfleet captain, CO of USS Enterprise-D.
Picard's age is given as 55 in this book although later canon dates suggest he is more like 59 or so.
William T. Riker 
Starfleet commander, newly assigned first officer of Enterprise-D. Riker spent three years as second officer of USS Yorktown before spending two years as first officer of USS Hood.
In one scene, Riker tells Wesley to call him "Bill". This is one of two novels where Riker is called Bill, the other is Ghost Ship.
Android Starfleet lieutenant commander, operations officer of the Enterprise-D. Data had previously served on three other starships, and each of his promotions had come with commendations from his commanding officers.
Beverly Crusher 
Starfleet commander, CMO of Enterprise-D.
Klingon Starfleet lieutenant junior grade who was assigned to the Enterprise-D in the command division.
Deanna Troi 
Half-Betazoid Starfleet lieutenant commander assigned as Enterprise-D counselor.
Geordi La Forge 
VISOR-sighted Starfleet lieutenant junior grade assigned as Enterprise-D flight controller.
Natasha Yar 
Starfleet lieutenant assigned as Enterprise-D security chief.
Wesley Crusher 
Fifteen-year-old Enterprise-D resident.
Leonard McCoy 
Miles O'Brien 
O'Brien's part was only referred to as "conn" in the book and episode.

Other characters Edit

The Mandarin bailiff
Robert DeSoto
Mark Hughes (β)
Starfleet ensign.
Ismail Asenzi (β)
Assistant CMO on Enterprise. Dr. Asenzi took Torres to sickbay.
Hidalgo (β)
Starfleet admiral.
Joanna McCoy 
Joanna also appeared in the novel Crisis on Centaurus.
Barton (β)
Starfleet commander to whom La Forge and Hughes report. Riker's order for La Forge to join the away team superseded Barton's orders.
It wasn't specified if Barton was a lieutenant commander, but it is a possibility.
Mark Reasons (β)
Starfleet commander.
It wasn't specified if Reasons was a lieutenant commander, but it is a possibility.
Blake (β)
Adam Hughes (β)
Craig Hughes (β)

Mentioned Edit

Celeste (β)
Close personal acquaintance of Jean-Luc Picard who had perished an uncertain amount of time prior to taking command. Picard recalled it had been the last time he had seriously thought of romantic relationships.
James T. Kirk 
23rd century Starfleet rear admiral who had begun the tradition of newly-assigned commanding officers boarding ships named Enterprise by shuttlecraft. Picard mused that many didn't remember that the tradition had been started because of a major transporter malfunction at the time.

References Edit

USS Hood; USS Stargazer; USS Enterprise-D; Starfleet; Constitution-class; Bandi; Farpoint Station; Deneb IV; VISOR; USS Yorktown; LCARS

External linkEdit

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