Enaran musical instrument

An Enaran musical instrument

The Enarans were the natives of the planet Enara Prime in the Delta Quadrant. They also maintained a colony at the Fima system.


Physically, the Enarans were humanoid with red spotting near the eyes and forehead. Under their hair, they had small overlapping plates that were mostly covered by their hair. Enarans preferred temperatures a bit chillier then was the norm on Federation starships.

As a species they were telepathic, able to implant memories in another person, even without mutual consent. However, the latter was prohibited by strict ethics. These memories could be imposed without being in proximity of the recipient. There had been instances where members of other species were affected by a "slight telepathic field" they generated, though these were of limited intensity.


It is unclear if the Enarans had access to warp drive, but had still managed to achieve interstellar exploration, and shortly thereafter through the advent of terraforming technology, started colonization. This project resulted in the Fima colony, in a system that by their travel speeds was considered a long journey away.

The Enarans had significantly advanced energy conservation technology that the crew of the USS Voyager was able to learn from. communications interlinks, microfusion generators were features of everyday normal life. They were also rumored to employ "some kind of thermal sweep". An execution device they used bathed the subject in a purple glow, causing serious burns.

furthermore, the non-disappearance of Jora Mirell's facial scar, resulting from a relatively minor cut, might indicate that they did not have the regenerative medical technology Starfleet had, or the wound might not have been allowed to heal for another (cultural or emotional) reason.

Culture and historyEdit

The Enarans were very concerned with personal hygiene and invented radioseptics for hand washing and personal cleaning. Most wore a band-like headdress, although some did not. The Enarans dined without conventional seating, and were prone to take naps on soft cushions immediately after a meal.

The absence of chairs was apparently purely when dining, as Korenna Mirell had what appered to be a chair in her bedroom.

The District Education Center, which employed junior tutors, was a prestigious education center, but getting in might be made easier by having a Citizenship Award.

They created music,some of which was performed on a harp like musical instrument which produced melodious tones. A musician played the instrument by holding it in his lap and manipulating a half sphere surface with the tips of the fingers.

A few generations before the 2370s, they started interstellar exploration, and soon thereafter too another leap forward with the advent of terraforming and started colonization. This was motivated by a desire for expansion, and for their people to progress.

However, a group called the Regressives rejected modern technology and cleaning methods such as radioseptics. For this, they were disdained. Eventually they were forcibly rounded up by soldiers, after which they disappeared. History recorded that they had chosen to resettle in a colony, but had all died due to violence and disease. However, the Regressives had been forced to relocate, and they themselves believed that they were being murdered.

During this period, the Enarans utilized public executions, at least on Regressives. The execution post would be placed in town centers and violators were tied to the center post. When activated the post and violator would be bathed in a purple glow. The process took only a few seconds, but caused extreme pain. The device left the corpses with very badly burnt skin.

In 2373, the USS Voyager became the first Federation ship to make contact with the Enarans. They shuttled a group of them from the Fima colony to their homeworld, and hoped to have trade negotiations and shore leave there. However, this was cancelled after B'Elanna Torres experienced intense telepathic memories, which were discovered to be a purposeful telepathic transfer of memories of an older Enaran woman nearing death to B'Elanna. They consisted of memories of what was done to the regressives, and how it was hidden up. Upon finding the memories to be genuine, Torres passed them on to a young Enaran and, presumably, started the Enarans on a road to addressing their past. (VOY: "Remember")

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd ed., pp. 55, 304), "Jor" and "Jora" were titles of address prefixed to the names of elder Enaran men and women, respectively)

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