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The "Emissary" soundtrack was released by GNP Crescendo Records in 1993, and featured the score to the premiere episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Emissary".

Track list Edit

# Name/Runtime
1 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (1:55)
2 Wolf 359 (4:50)
3 The Enterprise Departs / A New Home (1:10)
4 Trashed and Thrashed (1:59)
5 Bajor / Jake / Saying Goodbye* (1:44)
6 Cucumbers in Space (1:44)
7 New Personality (2:17)
8 Into the Wormhole (3:41)
9 Time Stood Still (4:13)
10 Searching for Relatives (1:13)
11 Painful Memories (4:21)
12 Passage Terminated (3:44)
13 Back to the Saratoga / What Shields? (2:00)
14 Reconciliation (3:18)
15 The Sisko Kid (4:40)
16 A New Beginning (1:47)
17 Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Single Version) (4:16)
18 Passage Terminated (Single Version) (3:31)
Total running time: 52:23

Background information Edit

  • The front inlay gets the episode name wrong - referring to "The Emissary", rather than the correct "Emissary".

Previous soundtrack release: Series Next soundtrack release:
First release in series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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