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Eminian High Council

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Eminian High Council

High Council of Eminiar VII in 2267

The Eminian High Council was the governing body of the Eminian Union and the planet Eminiar VII at the time of James T. Kirk's visit in 2267. The council was headquartered at the Division of Control, and consisted of five members, who were led by a single High Councilor and spokesman. At the time of Kirk's visit, this office was held by Anan 7. The Council's principal duties appeared to be prosecuting the centuries-long computerized war between Eminiar and its sister planet, Vendikar, and dealing with the attacks Vendikar launched.

To avoid the destruction of his ship, Kirk maneuvered the council onto a course that would lead to either the destruction of their civilization – or peace with Vendikar. They discovered that Vendikar was just as afraid of real war, and just as interested in avoiding it, even if that meant ending the conflict. (TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon")

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