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Emilita Mendez

Emilita Mendez

Mutated Emilita Mendez

The mutated Mendez

Emilita Mendez was an ensign in Starfleet in the 2360s who served on the USS Aries. In 2362, she had been assigned to USS Victory and served on the Tarchannen III away team, along with Susanna Leijten, Geordi La Forge, Paul Hickman, and Anthony Brevelle.

In 2367 the virus which had infected Mendez began to take effect, compelling her to return to Tarchannen III. Without warning she stole the shuttlepod Cousteau from the Aries and flew to the planet; her crewmates reporting that she seemed perfectly normal just an hour before her disappearance. By the time the crew of the USS Enterprise-D had determined the cause of her flight, it was too late to save her. (TNG: "Identity Crisis")

Emilita Mendez was played by a background actress with the last name Di Santis.
Her first name comes from the script.
Actor Brian Phelps filled in as the mutated Mendez.

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