Acamarian Planetary database 4, remastered

Linzordo listed on the database

Emi Linzordo was an Acamarian. An autopsy performed on Linzordo revealed the cause of death to be "sudden arboreal stop". This event resulted in multiple lacerations and severe cranial trauma.

In 2366, this individual was mentioned in the death records archives, which were accessible to the crew of the USS Enterprise-D via the Acamarian planetary database. (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor", okudagram)

This character was only mentioned in writing.
Emi Linzordo seems to be named after Emilio Lizardo, a character from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. It was one of several in-joke references to the movie in the records. His death by sudden arboreal stop on the other hand is a reference to an infamous line from the pilot of the tv series The West Wing [1], in which White House staff discuss how they might make an incident in which the president (non-fatally) crashed his bike into a tree less funny.