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Male ensign in cargo bay 5, 2370 a Starfleet ensign

Bajoran officer 2375 a Bajoran officer

Elliot Durant III is an actor turned into casting director who played a regular Starfleet ensign during the last seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. As a background actor he received no on-screen credit for his appearances. He also portrayed a Bajoran officer in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine seventh season episode "Shadows and Symbols". Both uniforms were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1] [2]

According to the call sheet, Durant was scheduled to appear in the fourth season episode "Identity Crisis" in corridor scenes but was either not filmed or cut from the final episode. For the fifth season episode "Redemption II", Durant III served as additional stand-in for actor Nicholas Kepros. He was again scheduled to appear in Ten Forward scenes in the fifth season episode "New Ground" but did not appear in the final episode. He filmed scenes in the shuttlebay for the sixth season episode "Rightful Heir" but the scene was not part of the final episode.

Durant is skilled in dance, sports, and stunts, worked as fitness trainer, and opened an extras casting service in 2003. He studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and at the High School of Performing Arts in New York. Beside several commercials and stage plays he also played Batman in the national tour "Batman Beyond" for DC Comics.

Durant guest starred in the television series Working Girl (1990, starring Nana Visitor), Sherman Oaks, and The Company, and played recurring parts in several episodes of Living Single (1994) and ER (2003-2004, alongside Scott Grimes).

Among his feature films are the comedy Hollywood High Part 2 (1981), the comedy The Nutty Professor (1996, with Athena Massey and Julianne Christie), the vampire comic adaption Blade (1998, with Judson Scott and Sidney Liufau), the fantasy comedy Mystery Men (1999, with Sunny Gorg), and the drama Undercover Angel (1999).

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