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Elizabeth Torres

Elizabeth Torres (2350s)

Elizabeth Torres was the daughter of Carl Torres, and had two younger brothers, Dean and Michael, who often enjoyed playing tricks on her.

On one occasion during the 2350s, she went camping with her uncle John and cousin B'Elanna. She went camping often, and her uncle was known for not catching many fish when they went fishing. After her uncle and father went fishing on their own, she and the other kids went fishing in a different section of the lake. After a while, they had lunch, and she gave a sandwich to B'Elanna, trying to be nice to her. But her little brother put a worm on it, and B'Elanna ran off. Elizabeth later apologized for her brother, but B'Elanna was too angry to listen. (VOY: "Lineage")

Elizabeth Torres was played by actress Nicole Sarah Fellows.
Before contacting her father in VOY: "Author, Author", B'Elanna had planned on speaking with a female cousin. She may have been referring to Elizabeth.

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