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El-Auria was the homeworld of El-Aurian scientist Tolian Soran.

In 2293, El-Auria was destroyed by the Borg. The planet's obliteration killed millions of people, including Soran's wife Leandra and children he had had. (Star Trek Generations)

The name "El-Auria" comes from the first draft script of Generations, in which it was used as the name of Soran's homeworld. Soran's homeworld is mentioned in the movie, but never named on screen.
The planet would appear to be part of the El-Aurian system, as dialogue in TNG: "Q Who" seems to suggest that both the El-Aurian species and the Borg attack were, at that point in time, limited either fully or mostly to that star system.
According to, El-Auria was the name of a star. This star was located far beyond Federation space. [1]
In the non-canon Star Trek novel Engines of Destiny, the name of the El-Aurian homeworld was given as "El-Auria".

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