Ekosian missiles were thermonuclear missiles used by the Ekosians during their Nazi era. Even though the nuclear missiles were created on Ekos. One of the missiles was launched against the USS Enterprise after it was detected approaching Ekos in 2268.

This spacecraft, initially believed to be an Zeon ship, was determined to be a small rocket that was further identified as being propelled by reaction power, with the ability to intercept. This alone, indicated that it was equipped with a sophisticated detection devices from a level of technology found on neither Zeon or Ekos. The thermonuclear warhead carried on the unmanned probe was also said to be generations ahead of the planet's reported level of technology.

Despite the level of sophistication, the missile was easily destroyed by the Enterprise's phasers at a range of less that two thousand kilometers. Following the encounter the Enterprise was parked in a high orbit to assist in keeping the ship out of detection range. Though only one missile was launched, it was reported by a newscaster, that "the Fuhrer's headquarters reports repulsing an attack by Zeon spacecraft. Our missiles utterly destroyed the enemy." (TOS: "Patterns of Force")

The missile in the newsreel was actually reused footage of Nazi Germany's V-2 rocket from World War II.
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