Egrid was a Benkaran man that was arrested for multiple counts of murder. By Nygean law, he was sentenced to execution by the families of his victims.

On the way to the Nygean homeworld, the prison transport carrying him suffered an engine failure, forcing the personnel to evacuate to the USS Voyager. Once there, he was placed in a cell next to Joleg, often cowering in the corner. He also had the chance to eat a full meal for the first time in months, as Iko often stole it from him. However, once Iko had his neural configuration inadvertently repaired by The Doctor, he felt guilty for doing it, and offered his food to Egrid, who ate it down most appreciatively.

Later when a Benkaran shuttle attacked Voyager, Egrid wasn't so humble. Once power to the force fields fell, he knocked a Starfleet security officer out, and stole his compression phaser rifle. He later stunned other personnel. When Joleg was cornered in the cargo bay, Egrid used the compression rifle to meld the bay doors shut. Seconds later he was stunned by Yediq, who regained control of the situation with the help of Iko. (VOY: "Repentance")

Egrid was played by actor Robert Axelrod who received no credit for his appearance.

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