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Edward L. Milstein is a billionaire real estate and banking magnate who co-founded Level 1 Entertainment with Bill Todman, Jr. in 2003. When Level 1 was co-financing 2009's Star Trek during the film's production, Milstein was credited as an executive producer on the film along with Todman and Paul Schwake, but none of the Level 1 executives were credited in the final film.

Milstein is the president of Timko Contracting Corporation and Milford Management, both located in New York. His family owns the billion-dollar corporation Emigrant Savings Bank.

In addition to Star Trek, Milstein was credited as an executive producer on the 2006 comedy Grandma's Boy and the 2007 thriller Rendition, both of which were financed by Level 1. The latter movie featured Bob Gunton in the cast.

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