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Edward is a common Earth name of English origin.

It is often a given name:

  • Edward Hagler, a Lieutenant aboard the USS Enterprise-D.
  • Edward Jellico, former CO of the USS Cairo and the USS Enterprise-D.
  • Edward M. La Forge, a Starfleet exobiologist and father of Geordi La Forge.
  • Edward Raymond, son of Donald and Claire Raymond in the late 20th century.
  • Edward Regis, an ensign who died aboard the USS Equinox in 2375.
  • Miles Edward O'Brien, former transporter chief on the USS Enterprise-D and Chief of Operations on Deep Space 9.
According to the non-canon novel Mosaic, Admiral Janeway's first name was Edward.


Production staff with the first name Edward:

Production staff with the last name Edwards:


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