For the alien species from The Animated Series, please see Edosian.

The Edo were a humanoid species from the planet Rubicun III. They outwardly resembled attractive-looking Humans with blond hair.

The Edo were a free-spirited people, extremely welcoming and friendly and very open sexually with themselves and visitors. Edo greeted friends with a deep embrace and offered themselves sexually to anyone who would accept. It was customary among the Edo to run from place to place instead of walking. Their society was peaceful and extremely law-abiding. Criminality had been wiped-out thousands of years ago and was virtually unknown by 2364.

Edo symbol

The Edo symbol on a wall

The unique tranquility of the Edo had a price, however. The Edo system of justice acknowledged only one punishment among them for any crime: execution with a poisoned syringe. Randomly mobile punishment zones kept would-be offenders alert and the Mediators dispensed punishment for any violations in the punishment zones.

The Edo were protected by a trans-dimensional super-entity in orbit around their planet, which they worshiped as "God".

The Edo spent time with music, dancing, massages, kissing, and playing games with die or balls.

While all Edo seemed to wear the same clothing, only the leaders and the mediators wore necklaces including the Edo symbol. (TNG: "Justice")

Later, in 2364, during an investigation of the USS Enterprise-D crew, Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick interrogated Captain Jean-Luc Picard about him violating the Prime Directive and interfering with Edo laws to save the son of Doctor Beverly Crusher. (TNG: "Coming of Age")

Individuals Edit

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