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Edward J. Paskey (born 20 August 1939; age 76), better known as Eddie Paskey, is an actor best known for his many appearances as the background character Lieutenant Leslie during Star Trek: The Original Series.

In addition to appearing in 57 of the first 62 episodes – with 56 appearances as Lieutenant Leslie – Paskey was William Shatner's stand-in. He retired during TOS's third season due to recurring headaches, caused by the strong lights on the set, from an old injury. [X]wbm He appeared in more episodes than either George Takei (Sulu) or Walter Koenig (Chekov) .

In the episode "The City on the Edge of Forever", he drove the truck that would hit Edith Keeler. In "Patterns of Force", although Leslie does not appear, Paskey appears as two different Nazis, the first driving a car, the second wearing a mustache and working for the Ekosian underground. He was the hand-double of James Doohan in "Wolf in the Fold" and "That Which Survives". Doohan was self-conscious about the fact that he was missing the middle finger of his right hand (due to a D-Day combat injury), so Paskey's hands were used in close-ups.

His other television credits include appearances on Ben Casey (1965) (with Marsha Hunt and Harry Landers), The Dick Van Dyke Show (1966), The Lucy Show, and Mission: Impossible (1966, with George Takei, Barry Russo, Vic Tayback, William Smithers, Michael Barrier, Jack Donner, Makee K. Blaisdell, Chuck Courtney, Bob Johnson, and Don Marshall).

Beside his acting career Paskey worked many years in the automotive industry. He started at his fathers shop at the age of twelve and opened his own, "The Air Shop", in 1981 together with his wife Judy. All four of the couple's children started working in the shop the following years. The shop is located in Santa Ana, California. [X]wbm

In July 1988, Paskey was interviewed for an article in the science fiction magazine Starlog. In it, he admitted that he considered auditioning for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but later reconsidered. He said, he was a fan of the films, but not the spin-off series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, on which he "went to sleep".

In January 2004, Paskey appeared in the pilot episode of the fan-produced internet series Star Trek: New Voyages, "Come What May." This time he portrayed Admiral Leslie, the father of Lieutenant Leslie and appeared alongside Trek actors James Cawley, Jeffery Quinn, Larry Nemecek, and TOS co-star John Winston.

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  • Kathleen M. Gooch, Lieutenant Who?, Starlog, issue 132, p. 93

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