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Eddie was a Starfleet crewman serving aboard Enterprise NX-01 during its maiden voyage in 2151.

In that year, Eddie was part of a team working under Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed to construct and install three new phase cannons on the ship. During the process, Reed, who was extremely irritable due to the long hours he was putting in on the project, berated Eddie for mistakenly reporting that the stabilizer on cannon port two checked out, when he had intended to say port one. (ENT: "Silent Enemy")

Eddie was played by Robert Mammana.
This character's name was stated in dialogue by Tucker, but he was consistently described in the stage directions from the final draft script of "Silent Enemy" simply as "N.D. Engineer #1".
Eddie featured into a scene in the writers' second draft script of "Breaking the Ice". In the scene, Eddie was working on Enterprise's warp core with Tucker when Hoshi Sato entered engineering. When Tucker asked him to take over on the warp core (so that Tucker could leave to speak with Sato), Eddie did so, nodding in response. Similar to the "Silent Enemy" script, Eddie was named in the scripted dialogue but was simply referred to as an "N.D." in the teleplay's stage directions.