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Edmund "Ed" J. Miarecki (born 2 October 1953; age 62), credited as Ed Miarecki, is a model maker and artist whose work has been featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation and other subsequent spin-offs. He built two proto-Template:ShipClass kitbash models featured in the early appearances of that design, namely that of the USS Melbourne, among many others. His other contributions include the USS Kyushu, USS Buran, USS Ahwahnee, USS Chekov models for TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II", the Template:ShipClass for TNG: "The Wounded", pattern work on the USS Enterprise-C and USS Enterprise-D, the Template:ShipClass main shuttlebay for TNG: "Cause and Effect", medical tricorders that first appeared in TNG: "Transfigurations" and the type 2 phasers first appearing in TNG Season 1. [1]

In the 1990s Miarecki, together with partner Tom Hudson, operated a model shop called Science Fiction Modelmaking Associates (SFMA) and performed services to the Star Trek franchise, mostly in the form of building props. While operating his company, Miarecki and his associates, also provided Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country with props, albeit uncredited. It was in this era that Miarecki has had the privilege of working on Star Trek models from a bygone era. In 1991 he refurbished the original 11-foot USS Enterprise filming miniature used in Star Trek: The Original Series for display at the Smithsonian, as well as the D7 Klingon ship and the Tholian model used in TOS.

He is credited as a model maker for Star Trek: First Contact, where he "did pattern work for the 10-foot USS Enterprise -E as well as work on the "Borg cube", "Borg sphere", and "Phoenix" miniatures." [2]

In addition, Miarecki, from 1995 working for the effects house "Mass.Illusion Visual Effects", had also contributed model-work to such science fiction and action films as Starship Troopers, Judge Dredd (1995), Eraser (1996), Event Horizon (1997), Deep Impact (1998), and X-men (2000).

As of 2000 Miarecki is self employed as model maker at the "FX Models" company and would renew his acquaintance with the Star Trek franchise after 2006 as several winners of studio models, auctioned off in the 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction, sought out his help in restoring their winnings amongst others the winners of the K't'inga class studio model [3], the Miranda class studio model [4] and the model of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture dry dock [5].

Miarecki has authored several articles on the craft of model making for various publications, among others the UK magazine Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models, including one on his build of the Galor-class studio model as well as one on the restoration of the Draconia studio model, used in the 1979-1981 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century television series.

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  • "1701-The Ultimate Refit; Restoring the original starship", Roger Sides, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models, issue 14, September 1996, pp. 26-28

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