A list of Earth ship classes in service before the founding of the Federation in 2161. The listed classed have been used by Starfleet, Earth Cargo Service or by civilian operators.

See also: Unnamed Earth starships
Class Name Type Dates
DY-100 Sleeper ship 19962018
DY-245 Explorer 2187
Conestoga Colony ship 2067
DY-430 Explorer 2146
DY-500 Explorer 21022123
RT-2203 Explorer 2119
DY-732 Explorer 21052135
BBI-993 unknown 2137
DY-950 Colony ship 2183
DY-1200 Explorer 2160
J Freighter 21022153
Y Freighter 2151
Neptune Explorer 2141
Intrepid unknown pre–2153
NX Explorer 2151
Arctic One Transport 2153
Sarajevo *unknown* 2154

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