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Star Trek: Early Voyages was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics, running for seventeen issues from February 1997 until June 1998. This series was one of the most popular of Marvel's brief stint of Star Trek publishing; however, it was canceled unceremoniously in the middle of a cliffhanger.

Set ten years before Kirk's five-year mission, this series showcases the adventures of the Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike.




  1. "Flesh of My Flesh"
  2. "The Fires of Pharos"
  3. "Our Dearest Blood"
  4. "Nor Iron Bars a Cage"
  5. "Cloak & Dagger"
  6. "Cloak and Dagger, Part 2 of 2"
  7. "The Flat, Gold Forever"
  8. "Immortal Wounds"
  9. "One of a Kind"
  10. "The Fallen, Part One"
  11. "The Fallen, Part Two"
  12. "Futures, Part One"
  13. "Future Tense"
  14. "Futures"
  15. "Now and Then"
  16. "Thanatos"
  17. "Nemesis"



Robert April; Carythea; Kaaj; Klingons; Kristopher; Shane Samson; targ; Temazi; Virka.

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