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eFX Collectibles (also known as eFX, efx, eFx, and eFX, Inc.) is an American company based in Los Angeles, California and was founded in 2007. It produces licensed prop replicas from many different entertainment franchises.

In 2009, eFX acquired a license to produce high quality Star Trek collectible replicas from the various television series and films, but not the 2009 Star Trek which was licensed by QMx. eFX's licensing had been previously held by Master Replicas which had merged with Corgi.

In late 2009, eFX began shipping an upgraded version of Master Replicas' Mark IX science tricorder from Star Trek: First Contact along with a display case and belt holster. Each tricorder came with a plaque signed by Brent Spiner and was limited to 684 numbered pieces. These high quality tricorder replicas feature working LEDs, sound effects, and a metal exterior.

eFX plans to release an assortment of other tricorder models in the future. They have also shown a number of phase pistol, laser pistol, phaser, and communicator replica prototypes but retail release dates have not been announced.

eFX announced tentative plans for the production of Star Trek replica starships in late 2009. eFX planned to produce a twenty-eight inch studio scale Klingon Template:ShipClass battle cruiser and planned a series of "Precision Cast" starship replicas measuring from ten to twelve inches long. The first "Precision Cast" release was slated to be the USS Enterprise but none of the planned starship replicas have been released nor have any prototypes been shown.

Recently, all Trek branding has been removed from the eFX website and there was no Star Trek-related merchandise shown at their 2012 San Diego Comic-Con booth which cast doubt on further releases from the company.


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