The Dutch language was one of a number of languages spoken on Earth, most commonly in the Netherlands and Belgium.

An early map of the Earth contained several several Dutch names for Pacific Ocean islands, as well as some other annotations in Dutch. Examples include "Honden E." (island of the dogs) and "E. zonder gront" (archaic; island without ground). (Star Trek: Enterprise opening credits)

This map was a modified version of the 18th century Dutch map Platte kaart van de geheele waereld om te dienen tot de Nederlandsche reizen (flat map of the whole world to serve the Dutch travels). Most Dutch island names were given by explorer Jacob Roggeveen and are no longer in use. The Dutch used on the map is archaic by modern standards.

In 2024, Chris Brynner asked Jadzia Dax if her first name was Dutch in origin. She didn't elaborate. (DS9: "Past Tense, Part I")

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