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A duranja

A duranja was a large ornate Bajoran prayer oil lamp.

It was also called a "lamp for the dead" and was used, as the name implies, to pray for the deceased.

In the year 2371 Kira Nerys kept a duranja in her quarters to pray for Vedek Bareil Antos, who had died earlier that year. (DS9: "Shakaar")

Major Kira spoke the following prayer while kneeling in front of the duranja:

"raka-ja ut shala morala... ema bo roo kana... uranak... ralanon Bareil... propeh va nara ehsuk shala-kan vunek ..."

This translates into

"do not let him walk alone... guide him on his journey... protect... the one named Bareil... take him into the gates of heaven..."

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