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Dru Wagner is an actress who was a regular background performer on Star Trek: The Next Generation. In addition she also worked as stand-in and photo double on several episodes.

Wagner filmed the scenes for the episode "Qpid" on Thursday 14 February 1991 on Paramount Stage 16. For "Silicon Avatar", she filmed her scenes on Wednesday 7 August 1991 on location at the Golden Oak Ranch and on Thursday 15 August 1991 at Paramount Stage 16. She also filmed additional blue screen scenes for this episode on Monday 26 August 1991 on Paramount Stage 16. For "The Game", Wagner filmed her scenes in Ten Forward on Thursday 5 September 1991 on Paramount Stage 8.

Wagner was scheduled to appear as transporter technician in the fifth season episode "Unification I" when she beamed Perrin aboard. This scene, filmed as scene 6, was not part of the final episode however. She was also planned to appear as transporter technician in the episode "New Ground" but was replaced by another actor. Another episode she was approached for was "Hero Worship" for which she was up to work on the bridge. She was replaced again. Wagner was again scheduled to appear in Ten Forward scenes in the episodes "The Outcast" and "Cost of Living" but was not part of the final episodes.

Star Trek appearances Edit

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