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Drink dispenser

Minister Samuels and Ensign Sato at the dispenser

Beverage dispenser list

Available drinks of the drink dispenser

A drink dispenser was a device utilized in the mess hall of Enterprise NX-01 for providing the crew with various beverages, including coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot cocoa, and cola. The drinks machine had a limited selection of Vulcan beverages, though it was able to produce Vulcan tea. (ENT: "Fusion")

In 2151, Subcommander T'Pol ordered carbonated water from the dispenser, prompting Doctor Phlox to sarcastically comment on how "adventurous" she was being. T'Pol and Phlox were both surprised, however, when a brownish, viscous fluid was deposited instead, the result of one of a multitude of shipboard malfunctions caused by a cloaked Xyrillian vessel hiding in Enterprise's plasma wake. (ENT: "Unexpected")

Later that year, Commander Tucker ordered cold milk from the dispenser to compliment a serving of pecan pie, where he ran into T'Pol, who was ordering green tea. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice")

One night, less than a year later, T'Pol ordered hot mint tea from the dispenser. After Tolaris arrived, he asked her if she could show him how to use the machine, which she did; T'Pol placed an empty mug in the dispenser and ordered, for him, another hot mint tea. (ENT: "Fusion")

When Tucker met Archer in the mess hall shortly afterwards, the captain declined Tucker offering him a drink from the dispenser. Hence, Tucker instead ordered a beverage for himself only, again obtaining cold milk from the machine. (ENT: "Rogue Planet")

While Enterprise was subsequently being ransacked by Ferengi pirates, Archer diverted the attention of one of the Ferengi, Krem, who alone was guarding the captain in a corridor, by asking him to fetch a glass of water from the drink dispenser. Archer explained to Krem that the water came out of the dispenser and Krem soon thereafter returned with the beverage. (ENT: "Acquisition")

In 2153, Captain Archer ordered coffee with cream late at night, while impatiently waiting for Enterprise to catch up to an Earth vessel which had been appropriated by unknown, cybernetic organisms. (ENT: "Regeneration")

Drink dispenser, alternate view

An alternate view of the control panel

Later that year, Lieutenant Malcolm Reed ordered black coffee during a break from making extensive repairs to Enterprise's tactical systems, eliciting surprise on Commander Tucker's part, as Reed usually ordered tea. (ENT: "Proving Ground")

In 2155, Ensign Hoshi Sato and Minister Nathan Samuels shared a drink at the dispenser, when Captain Archer contacted Sato and ordered her to protect Samuels, as a traitor had been discovered amongst the crew of Enterprise. (ENT: "Terra Prime")

The drink dispenser in Star Trek: Enterprise had its conceptual roots in a paragraph from the ENT series bible. It stated, "Although the galley is stocked with genuine foodstuffs, there is another option: a sort of proto-replicator called a protein resequencer, affectionately known by the crew as the JAW ('Just Add Water'). JAW can produce a limited menu; it makes decent pasta, soup and simple beverages, but that's about it."

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