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Dremk was a former Malon core laborer and Vihaar aboard a waste export vessel commanded by Fesek. Dremk was believed dead by his crew, having "died" from theta radiation poisoning at some point prior to early 2375. However, he had not died and, in fact, had instead become resistant to theta radiation, where he continued to survive unseen aboard the vessel. His presence was not detected due to the saturation of this radiation in his body tissues, which allowed him to blend in to the background radiation on the freighter.

Dremk's personality and appearance were drastically altered by the radiation. He became mentally unstable and harbored a lot of anger towards his former Malon crew. As an act of revenge against his crew, Dremk conducted a series of sabotages against his ship, which, to some extent, were successful as he killed all but two of the ship's crew, Fesek and Pelk.

Afterward, the ship went out of control, and threatened the population of a nearby planet. Dremk subsequently killed Pelk, and also attempted to kill Fesek, Neelix, Chakotay and B'Elanna Torres during their attempt to regain control of the freighter. Dremk was rendered unconscious by Torres while attempting to complete his plan. He was killed after the freighter exploded within the corona of an O-type star. (VOY: "Juggernaut")

Dremk was played by actor Scott Klace.
Dremk's name was not mentioned on screen but is from the script.

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