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The Dreadnought-class was an experimental warship that was created by Section 31 with the help of Khan Noonien Singh. The earliest known starship of this class, the USS Vengeance, was launched in 2259 from a secret facility orbiting Europa.

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The bridge of the ship was small and cramped compared to the more spacious bridge of the Constitution-class. It was designed to be run single-handedly if necessary. It was possible to use voice commands to set destinations and the ship's computer would do the work - Khan used this function to crash the USS Vengeance into Starfleet Headquarters.

Also in stark contrast to the Enterprise bridge, the Dreadnought's bridge was very dark - in lieu of bright lighting and shining white walls, the bridge was largely black, though still well lit.


Engineering was designed so that it could run by itself if needed.

Tactical systems

The deflector dish could be covered by plates while not at warp speed to protect it from damage during battle. Khan was involved with creating the weapons for the Dreadnought-class and they were significantly more advanced than the contemporary Constitution-class. While most other Starfleet ships were designed for exploration and research, the Dreadnought-class ships were designed primarily for combat.

In addition to powerful Phaser capabilities, this class was also equipped with two large, high-powered cannons that could be deployed from under the Saucer section. The full power of these weapons, however, has yet to be seen.

Propulsion systems

This starship was described by Khan as "three times the speed" as the Enterprise. This vessel also has the capability of entering another vessel's warp field, giving it the ability to track down and attack a fleeing enemy ship while at warp speed.

Ships commissioned


Background information


This starship was described as "twice the size" as the Enterprise , making it approximately 4,759.5 feet (1,462.11 meters) in length. Despite its large size, however, it was designed to be operated by a minimal crew complement.

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