You may also be looking for the species native to Drema IV, known as Dremans.

The Dramens or Dramians were a spacefaring humanoid species native to the planet Dramia.

Standing over two meters in height, the Dramians had golden-colored skin and long, tendril-like fingers. Their ears were triangular in shape and pointed horizontally outwards from their heads. They had large bulbous eyes, bald heads and their faces are covered with cranial ridges.

The Dramians were well known for their fast moving system of justice, often not allowing the defense enough time to gather sufficient evidence for the individual being tried.

In 2270, the Dramians held a ceremony to honor Doctor Leonard McCoy for his significant achievements in the field of interstellar medicine. (TAS: "Albatross")

As described in the revised final draft script (dated 27 June 1974), "The Dramens are, in Earth terms, seven-foot tall; they are physically immense beings, almost android in appearance. They are superbly conditioned; they have large, bulbous, eyes, and independently socketed ears which can be swiveled on hinges, to pick up directional sound. They are bald–probably, the result of selective cross-breeding."
This script begins by consistently calling these people as "Dramen" for the first half of the episode (as well as the aforementioned script notes), but for the second half they called "Dramian".

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