The Dramia II plague, also called the auroral plague, was an disease which struck a colony on Dramia II in 2251. It was described in computer records as:

"Plague, Dramia II. Of unknown origin, characterized by pigmentation changes in skin of victim, debilitation, death. Certain species known to have natural immunity, notably Vulcan."
Auroral plague

Kirk suffers from the auroral plague.

Individuals affected with the plague experienced a change in pigmentation from blue, to green, to red. It was later determined that the cause for this color change was due to aurora borealis interference.

The plague hit Dramia II soon after Doctor Leonard McCoy departed the planet after administering a mass inoculation to its inhabitants. The plague wiped out nearly all of Dramia II's population.

The Dramens blamed McCoy for the plague and, in 2270, arrested McCoy and placed him on trial for mass murder. The USS Enterprise visited Dramia II to clear McCoy's name, but became stricken with the plague themselves. Upon the return to Dramia, Spock conducted a jailbreak, and released Dr. McCoy so that he could determine a cure for the plague.

It was soon after determined that the aurora played a part in the plague, however, no known antidote could be determined. After further investigation, it was determined that Saurian virus antibodies in the bloodstream of one of the original plague survivors created an immunity to the plague. (TAS: "Albatross")