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Dramia was the inhabited first planet in the Dramian system. Dramia was the homeworld for the Dramians, a spacefaring humanoid species. The leader of Dramia was known as the Supreme Prefect. The Dramian Hall of Justice was located on the planet.

Prior to 2270, Dramia II was colonized by settlers from Dramia.

In 2270, the USS Enterprise delivered a shipment of medical supplies to Dramia. Prior to its departure, the Enterprise's chief medical officer, Leonard McCoy, was arrested for the wanton mass murder of the colonists of Dramia II in 2251. He was later released and honored in a series of ceremonies for his significant achievements in the field of interstellar medicine. This followed the discovery of the cure of the plague responsible for killing the inhabitants of Dramia II. (TAS: "Albatross")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts ("United Federation of Planets I"), in 2378, Dramia I was a Federation member.

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