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Alternate Reality
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A drakoulias was a large, furry, quadrupedal predator native to the ice planet Delta Vega. It made a very distinct sound while attacking.

In 2258 of the alternate reality, a drakoulias attacked James T. Kirk, who was marooned on Delta Vega. Before the drakoulias could reach him, however, a hengrauggi burst out from the ground, grabbed the drakoulias, and threw it into a mountain. (Star Trek)

The drakoulias was designed by Neville Page. It is named after Star Trek music supervisor George Drakoulias. Its name was not referenced on-screen, but comes from official production sources and is used on licensed products for the film.[1] The film's production team also called the animal a "polarilla", as it was designed as a cross between a polar bear and a gorilla (in the novelization, Kirk mutters to himself that it resembles the "bastard offspring" of those two animals).[2]

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