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Dorian Collins was born in Tycho City, Luna in the 2350s. During her time at Starfleet Academy she became a member of the elite cadet group Red Squad that was later assigned to the USS Valiant as part of a training exercise just prior to the outbreak of the Dominion War in 2373.

Dorian was later promoted to the rank of acting chief petty officer by fellow Red Squad cadet Tim Watters, who had been given command of the Valiant.

She was one of just three survivors, and the only Red Squad member, who survived the destruction of the Valiant. (DS9: "Valiant")

Collins was played by Ashley Brianne McDonogh. It is unclear why she was granted an enlisted rank when, as a cadet of Starfleet Academy, she should have been granted a provisional officers rank. It could be conjectured that she was an underclassman at the Academy, while the cadets who were granted provisional officers ranks were upperclassmen.

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