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You may also be looking for the Human civilian Doran.


Class: Transport
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Status: Active (2369)

The Dorian was a Federation transport that was in service in the late 24th century. This transport was unarmed, and, in 2369, was under the command of Captain Talmadge.

In that year, the Dorian was on a mission to transport Ambassador Ves Alkar to the planet Rekag-Seronia. En route, the Dorian was flanked by two Rekag battle cruisers who caused damage to the transport's subspace emitter and shields. Dorian was assisted by the USS Enterprise-D, which managed to deter the Rekag ships and would continue the Dorian's mission to Rekag-Seronia. (TNG: "Man of the People")

The model for the Dorian was a reuse of the modified Angosian police shuttle from TNG: "The Hunted".

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