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Doran during the evacuation of the USS Saratoga in 2367

You may also be looking for the entry on Doran, daughter of W'mar.

Doran was a civilian aboard the USS Saratoga in the 2360s and a friend of the Sisko family. She was aboard the ship when it engaged a Borg cube at the Battle of Wolf 359.

When Benjamin Sisko spotted Doran during the evacuation of the ship, he asked if she'd seen his wife, Jennifer Sisko. Doran, however, was too distraught to answer and was taken to safety by the ship's Bolian tactical officer. (DS9: "Emissary")

Doran was played by Lynnda Ferguson.
Doran also appeared in the short story "Requital", found in Tales of the Dominion War.

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