Dio che nell alma infondere

The Doctor performing "Dio, che nell'alma infondere"

"Dio, che nell'alma infondere" was a duet from the 19th century opera Don Carlos, composed by Giuseppe Verdi.

The Doctor performed "Dio, che nell'alma infondere" aboard the USS Voyager for an audience of Voyager crewmembers and a number of fascinated Qomar in 2376.

He later gave small holograms of him singing the same song to Qomar admirers, even singing a duet with his small holographic self. (VOY: "Virtuoso")

"Dio, che nell'alma infondere"
Italian English
Dio, che nellalma infondere
amor volesti e speme,
desio nel core accendere
tu déi di libertà,
desio accendere nel cor
tu déi di libertà!
Oh God, who wished to instil
love and hope in our souls,
Thou must kindle within our hearts
a desire for liberty;
Thou must kindle within our hearts
a desire for liberty.

Background information Edit

  • Robert Picardo did not actually sing the vocal parts above. They were voiceovers by the famous opera singer Agostino Castagnola, as was The Doctor's performance of "Rondine al nido" later in the episode. [1](X)
  • Robert Picardo performed this piece on stage when he played the character of Max in a production of Ken Ludwig's Lend Me a Tenor at the Pasadena Playhouse in 1992.

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