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Dinah LeHoven is an assistant director. She worked as a second second assistant director on some episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, and worked as a second assistant director on the cut scene footage in Star Trek: Borg.

LeHoven started working as a DGA trainee on Doogie Howser, M.D., alongside regulars James B. Sikking, Lawrence Pressman, and Rif Hutton.

In 1991, she worked as a second second assistant director on Flashfire (with Maria Kelly, Buck McDancer, Mark L. Taylor, Claude Binyon, Jr., Eddie Matthews, Duke Moosekian, Douglas Spain, Louis Giambalvo, Noon Orsatti, and Casey Hotchkiss). Her most recent movie work was the 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill (with Jeffrey Combs, Famke Janssen, Michael Laws, Joe Lotito, Stephen J. Ullman, Dale Grahn, sound artists and musicians Hilda Hodges, Armin Steiner, Don Davis, Thom Ehle, and John Roesch, stuntmen Scott Leva, Rick Avery, and Danny Downey, hair and makeup artists Alan Tuskes, Shannon Shea, Patricia Vecchio, Wayne Toth, Garrett Immel, and Diane Pepper, and visual and special effects artists John Campuzano, Ted Fay, Richard J. Cook, Daniel Kramer, Oded Kassirer, Michael Shelton, Thomas Zell, Gary D. Bierend, David Abbott, and Rick Cortes).

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