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Tebbis, a Dinaali male (2377)

Dinaali nurse

A Dinaali female

The Dinaali (or the Dinaal) were a humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant.

The Dinaali were virtually identical to Humans in their outward appearance. However, their internal workings show several differences.

Up until the mid-24th century, the Dinaali were plagued with overpopulation, and a medical service that didn't treat the people it needed to. So the Dinaali government asked the Jye to intervene, a species known for their administrative abilities, and they reorganized the Dinaali medical system.

In the new system, each citizen received a "T.C." or Treatment coefficient, which designates how useful a person is to society.

In 2377, The Doctor was kidnapped by Gar and sold to a Dinaali medical ship. While there, he tried to "re-allocate" some medication so that the amount of medication a person received was based on how badly they needed it, not how "useful to society" they were. (VOY: "Critical Care")


Dinaali script

Dinaal script

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