A dialect was a variant of an existing language.

The "old tongue" was a dialect of the Talaxian language. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

The Xindi-Insectoid language had sixty-seven dialects. (ENT: "The Council")

The Klingon language featured eighty poly-guttural dialects. In 2151, the universal translator of Enterprise could not lock onto Klaang's dialect. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

The frequency distortions created by a symbiotic lifeform reminded Hoshi Sato of the phonetic patterns in some Andorian dialects. (ENT: "Vox Sola")

By 2154, the UT of the Enterprise had been programmed with seven Klingon dialects. (ENT: "The Augments")

In 2267, Captain Kirk told Spock that the baby language used towards Leonard James Akaar was an "obscure Earth dialect". (TOS: "Friday's Child")

The Talaxian language had at least one dialect, the Old Tongue dialect. In 2376, Neelix searched the Talaxian linguistic files section of his personal database for the word vaadwaur. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

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