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IRW Devoras
IRW Devoras.jpg

IRW Devoras

Class: D'deridex-class
Owner: Romulan Star Empire
Operator: Romulan military
Status: Active (2367)

The IRW Devoras was a Romulan D'deridex-class warbird that was in service with the Romulan military in the mid-24th century. In 2367, the Devoras was under the command of Admiral Mendak.

In that year, the Devoras rendezvoused with the USS Enterprise-D to receive Federation ambassador T'Pel for a diplomatic mission. T'Pel was in fact a Romulan operative named Sub-Commander Selok, and the Devoras provided cover for her return to Romulan territory by fabricating a transporter accident that "killed" T'Pel. When their deception was discovered, the Enterprise-D confronted the Devoras inside the Romulan Neutral Zone. However, the Enterprise was forced to retreat with the arrival of Romulan reinforcements. (TNG: "Data's Day")

One of the several D'deridex-class ships in Star Trek: Armada II was the Devoras.

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