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Azati Prime system

A detection grid deployed in an unnamed star system

A detection grid was a type of sensor system. One particulary common type of detection grid was a Tachyon detection grid.

The Torothan overlords of a planet used an orbital detection grid which in fact turned out to contain a gap. (ENT: "Desert Crossing")

During the 22nd century, the Xindi used a detection grid as a method of detecting the presence of starships in the Azati Prime system. (ENT: "Azati Prime")

Another type of detection grid was used at Imperial Hall in the 24th century on Ilari. (VOY: "Warlord")

It is unclear as to whether a detection grid is similar to a tachyon detection grid, although this is unlikely as a tachyon detection grid was designed specifically to detect cloaked ships and was first used by the Federation in the 24th century.

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